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soluvepink has started a donation pool!
175 / 100
Points for commissions or adoptables are dropped here. :3
Or any donate would be wonderful.~

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
DeviantID by Juxora <3


Dance Rhythm by ucurmiDance Rhythm by ucurmiDance Rhythm by ucurmi

Hello! :3
I am a hobbyist artist just trying to improve. ^^
I love to make people happy by drawing art for them, yet I enjoy drawing for myself at times.
My art mainly consist of wolves, canines, dragons, mixed species and basically animals.
Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite.~


Dance Rhythm by ucurmiDance Rhythm by ucurmiDance Rhythm by ucurmi

Nickname Collection:
Jess, Jessie, Jessy, Jesseh, Jeshica, Heka, Heka-Elise, Pink, Sol, Solly, Sollers, Solly-kins, Pinkers, Bri, Bri-bri, SP, Soluve, Pinky, Pinky-Pie, Bleed, Bleled, Bleedeh, Bloddy, Bloody, Watch, Watchie, Watches, Rolex, Kitty, Bunny, Cat woman, Cookie, Chocolate, Tofu, Foo, Tails, Flower, Sollerx, GirlWithRosesOnAllOfHerChars, Bleeding Friend, BMW.

Dividers by ucurmi
Tagged by Deltora251


1) You must post the rules
2) Each person has to share 5 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions to ask the 10 people you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5) No you're tagged if you read this.
6) You have to tag 10 people
7) No tag backs
8) You can't say I don't do tags.
9) You must make a journal entry!!!

5 Facts about me:

1) I can't stand horror
2) I have a weird attraction to blood/depression I guess?
3) I used to love pink but it shifted to blue
4) Real name is Jessica
5) I have 10 fingers and toes

Questions I was asked:
1)You're the only person left in your country, everyone else passed due to natural causes. What will you do?
Move on to the country below mine. xD

2)You are walking down the street and are mistaken as a famous person, how do you react?
*shrug* Nothing really, just let them know I am not what they think I am.

3)Do you have any siblings? If so what's the first word that pops to mind to describe them? If not do you wish you had one?
I have 2 other siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. I would describe them as.. annoying? xD

4)That person you have a really big crush on just confessed their love for you, however you have to get married today or they'll move away to a location where you'll never see them again. What will you do?
I don't have a crush but I would marry the person I am with right now.

5) What is something you believe in just because life would be awesome if it was real?

6) Ever fall in love with something you can't have?
Expensive merchandise.. ;;

7) Here's a plane ticket to anywhere you want; where are you going and who will you visit?
Mexico, and my bf. :3

8) You are given the ability to bring one person back from the after life. Who?
Wouldn't want to take them out of paradise.

9) What's your all time favorite animal, choose wisely because your answer decides what animal you spend the rest of your life as...
UH SOMETHING THAT FLIES except a fly and insects and yeah all that

10) Okay questions 1-9 which was the hardest to answer? XD

Questions I'll Ask:
1)Favorite ice cream?
2)What sort of talents do you have?
3)Are you religious?
4)How many pillows do you sleep with?
5)How often do you buy new clothes?
6)Do you prefer liquid soap or a bar of soap?
7)What do you have on your fridge door?
8)Are you left or right handed?
9)What's your favorite quote?
10) Am I pretty? *shot*

Annddd I taaaagggg:

Sorry if you guys were tagged too many times still ily<3

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